Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New Found Glory: Tablevogue

Problem: You have a utility table sitting in storage. You bust it out when you are hosting an event that requires a little extra space. No matter how you try, you can never get it to look quite right and no tablecloth on this earth will fit.

Solution: Tablevogue! This unique new product comes to us from Florida and is the answer to our party prayers. The smart box pleats cut out the pinning, cutting, and sewing but leaves you with all the fab you can stand. Say goodbye at long last to table skirts {yay}!

Seriously, the possibilities for this thing are endless! Turn your drab little table into chic dining, bar, gift and sweets tables!

Entertaining outside? The brilliant floor length design is perfect for concealing extra supplies.

The best part?! Let's see...The modest price tag (only $39.99 for 34" and $49.99 for the 6' size) affords couture style at discount store prices. It's available in three standard sizes (34", 6' and 8') and comes in natural and white with more colors in the works.

I love this shot. A chic little patio party at a fraction of the cost. I die!

Check out the website for all the details. They're also on Facebook.

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